Outcome 2


UNCT support to the strengthening of social sector policies and systems to improve the delivery of quality, inclusive services for the population in Bahrain resulted in several important achievements in the fields of edu- cation, health and urban development as well as in consolidated national capacities to ensure the protection of vulnerable groups.

Enhancing the quality of education

Recognizing the value of education and the pressing challenges that ed- ucation is facing in today’s world, the United Nations Secretary-General convened the Transforming Education Summit in 2022. During the event, the Government underlined its commitments to transform education. These commitments were the culmination of an intensive and inclusive preparatory process, implemented with UNCT technical guidance and support. The process involved several consultations that resulted in key recommendations to shape the future of education which informed the national commitments undertaken in the field and the new Government Action Plan for 2023–2026.


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Key results