Key Focus for 2023

SCF effective implementation 

Effective implementation of SCF will remain a primary focus for UNCT throughout 2023. Building on previous successes and lessons learned, further efforts will be made in all SCF 2021–2024 priority areas to support the country in achieving the SDGs and national priorities. With the recent approval by parliament of the Government Action Plan 2023–2026, UNCT will seek to align its programming to the new strategic imperatives to ensure a coherent and coordinated response to the country’s needs and aspirations. UNCT will also undertake a final evaluation of SCF to inform the next cooperation framework. 

Formulation of a New Cooperation Framework 

While implementation of SCF will continue to be a key priority for UNCT in 2023, attention will also be given to drafting a new Cooperation Framework that will guide its work starting in 2025. An inclusive and consultative process will be put in place for the formulation of the new strategic vision. Lessons learned from implementing the current Cooperation Framework and analysing emerging trends and transformations in the local and regional context will inform the new document ensuring its tailoring to specific needs and realities on the ground. In the spirit of partnerships and the whole-of-society approach to development, the document will be drafted in close cooperation with the Government and with the engagement of all other relevant stakeholders in the process. 

Preparation of the Voluntary National Review 

Preparation of VNR, to be presented by the Government at the next High-Level Political Forum in July 2023, was well underway at the beginning of the year. As a trusted partner of the Government in the process, UNCT, under the leadership of the United Nations Resident Coordinator, will continue to lend its full support towards the development of an evidence-based and forward-looking analysis of the country’s progress in advancing the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, reflective of diverse voices, perspectives and experiences. 

Joint programme development 

UNCT's development of the first three joint programme concept notes aligned with global and country-level guidelines is a step towards the next level of inter-agency collaboration. However, the potential for transformational change that these programmes encapsulate can only be realized with their development into fully-fledged joint programme proposals, mobilization of required resources and eventual implementation. Hence, in 2023, UNCT will dedicate special attention to moving technical discussions on the three concept notes forward as well as identification of required resources for programme implementation while also looking to develop new joint initiatives. 

Leaving no one behind 

Advancing gender equality and human rights as well as delivering on the promise to leave no one behind, will stay front and centre in the work of UNCT moving forward. Efforts will be made to support the Government in the implementation of its National Human Rights Action Plan and further strengthen the promotion and protection of human rights in line with international commitments. Gender equality, disability inclusion and youth mainstreaming into programming and operations will receive special attention and renewed efforts will be made towards strengthening coordination mechanisms around these areas. 


IM 12

SDG partnerships and financing 

The scale and ambitions of the 2030 Agenda require the engagement of all segments of society in its implementation if the SDGs are to be achieved. UNCT will, therefore, continue to strengthen its partnerships in 2023 across all sectors. Relationships with the private sector will be particularly in focus during the year as UNCT explores new opportunities for collaboration. Discussions on the establishment of a pooled fund as a mechanism for catalytic funding to deliver on SCF priorities aligned with the SDGs and the national development goals, including with the participation of the private sector and financial institutions, will also be prioritized. 


During the year, UNCT engaged in the development of its next joint work plan for 2023–2024 as an extension of its previous two-year plan that ended in 2022. The new plan includes a list of ambitious undertakings in support of SCF implementation. The total estimated required resources for the plan amount to USD 38.8 million, out of which nearly USD 9.5 is available. In 2022, UNCT already started to take steps towards bridging the gap in resources by consolidating efforts through the development of joint programmes and will continue to engage in joint resource mobilization activities moving forward.